The 18-month old

# Talk talk talk

Bobo talks non-stop. Mostly just nonsense that he repeats to himself to get the hang of certain sounds. Increasingly it has been words and short sentences. He tries to repeat every word he hears. We were not given to much swearing anyway, so we don’t have to police what we say. But I now have to give up the nonsensical endearments I use on Bobo since he repeats those too and tries to comprehend the meanings.

Sigh. My boy is growing up.

# Eat

Bobo learnt to use a spoon. But he does not want to use one and would rather that we fed him while simultaneously entertaining him. ‘Why do any work at all, when there are people willing to do it for you’ – seems to be the mantra of the day. I can see his point of view and when laziness sets him (which is often), we go along with him and just toss food into his mouth. In a month’s time, he needs to start eating by himself at pre-school and I suppose hunger will improve his self-feeding skills.

Good luck, Bobo

# Sleep

Bobo sleeps in his own room the whole night.

D does not.

Every night, Bobo wakes up around 3 a.m. and cries. D crawls out of our bed, walks over to Bobo’s room, pats him to sleep and in the process falls asleep next to him.

I quietly enjoy my undisturbed sleep and sprawl myself a bit more and remember to frequently tell D what a stellar job he is doing.

I could offer to do it occasionally but as Bobo thinks – why do any work at all, when there are people willing to do it for you.

# Play

The joys of being a toddler and playing! Bobo can’t seem to get enough of it. Considering that is pretty much what he does all day, the only real constraint on play time is sleeping and eating.

Oh, if only a day had 36 hours

# Work

Bobo has realized that Mummy goes to work. He does not like it and sometimes starts crying. He has fully accepted it though. When he waves and says ‘bye’ or ‘bye mamma’, it somehow breaks my heart to see that he does not even realize that there exists a world in which his mamma can be at home. That seems worse than if he had known such a thing was possible and had asked me to stay home.

Or maybe when he does realize and asks me to stay at home, I will feel worse. The perils of working outside home.

# Discipline

Bobo’s temper tantrums have started making an occurrence every now and then. After much thought (and a quick google), I came up with ‘discipline corner’ where he would have to go and stand in a corner for a minute as punishment. The first time I told him to go to the corner, Bobo eagerly jumped out of the bed and ran to the corner and waited to see what new exciting game this was going to be.

Back to the drawing board, Mommy.

# Travel

Two 5-hr long daytime flights gotten through with the help of books, electronic toys, long walks down the aisle, greeting  friendly strangers and naps. We are still holding off using the IPad.

# Phone

Bobo knows he is not supposed to touch our mobile phones. So he picks up any mobile within reach and then makes a big show of handing it back to the owner. The joy of just touching the forbidden device for a full minute is one of the highlights of his day

# Adventure

Bobo took a turn at ziplining at a recent birthday party. We held onto him gently most of the way but he was quite nonchalant about the whole thing and just zipped down happily into the cushiony hole at the end and then crawled out. I seldom make enthusiastic displays of cheering, but was rather impressed and clapped merrily like he had climbed the Everest.

# Family

A week-long holiday in India had him basking in all the pampering he got. Bobo also mostly played up to the audience’s expectations, flashing cute smiles and doing ‘beautiful eyes’ (winking with both eyes). The boy loves to please the crowd.

When Mommy and Daddy are around though, he likes to cling to us. And I must admit I like to cling to him as well. Considering I don’t spend much time with him during the week, holidays are precious bouts of together-time that I would rather not forgo.

# Everything in its place..

Bobo is taking after me in one respect definitely. At one year, he pointed at a cupboard which D had not closed fully and went ‘oooo’ till D closed it.

Bobo likes everything to be in its place and things to be just so. I am secretly pleased with the little housekeeper.