Festival season as it should be

What a week it has been. Our office has been all agog with the spirit of the festival season and we have been doing major time pass pretty much everyday.

Monday, I rushed back to office from a client meeting to get to the snack stall before the food got over (my office people believe it is necessary to keep consuming whenever there is any food in sight). I was too early for the snack stall. As it turned out, I was quite late for the pot painting cum rangoli cum crafts competition. In the true spirit of gender equality, all the women in office had been nominated as heads of various teams since..you know..the men can’t draw whereas the women are all oh-so-artistic. So there I was, with a team full of men, who looked secretly irritated to see me back in time to put our team back into the race. However, they accepted my orders to tackle the rangoli and craft with good humour. The pot, I kept for myself. In the twenty minutes left, we all worked furiously. K and C had come up with a pretty picture of a lotus and had filled it with splashes of various colours. The mix of colours and the texturing was truly original and put their work miles above the rest. You just had to ignore the giant kidney bean shaped item near the stem (that turned out to be the lotus leaf). Sadly, this inspired effort was shot down in favour of the conventional rangolis. Our team did not win a prize. We however had lots of fun giving bumps to a colleague who insisted on laughing at the work.

The treasure hunt was good fun. I set out the clues and I must say putting up your feet and watching people run hither and thither gives a kind of sadistic pleasure. The last clue was borrowed shamelessly from Asimov or perhaps I should say it was a tribute to the Foundation series. So we had ‘a circle has no end’ to signify that the hunt ended where you began it. The winning team jumped on the cubicle desks, did a little jig and then gave themselves a loud cheer.

Yesterday was traditional day where new recruits had been bullied into shopping for traditional clothes the previous day. Everyone ate lots at the potluck and then looked like they would burst out of their clothes.

Diwali must have dawned bright and cheerful today. I say ‘must’ because I was fast asleep and managed to sleep through ear shattering decibel levels. At 9, I tucked into a good breakfast of idlis, dosas, mutton gravy, vadas, sweet vadas. Two masala magazines, three books, a decent movie on TV and plenty of snacks should see me through the rest of the day.

This is how festivals should be.

p.s. I have eaten too much. I have slept too much. I have watched more TV than the eyes can bear. I have finished 84, Charing Cross Road (Thanks P. It is wonderful as you said). I know that Babita Kapoor thinks Kareena marrying Saif may not be a good idea. I changed the blog format to look cooler than the staid green that was beginning to get on my nerves. I have also seen the sky light up with tons of expensive crackers that looked like a mega comet shower.

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