Two weeks later

And two weeks down the line, here we are. Sea view, five minutes from work. And in a city like Bombay (This is so much like in the movies!). I can’t wipe the smug smile that mysteriously creeps into my face when I fling open the curtains of my windows and my friends go ‘oooh’ at the view. Even though I know fully well it was really luck of the draw. In a pathetic twist of the Jack Nicholson line from ‘As good as it gets’, I tell myself ‘this house makes me want to become a saver. So I can afford something like this some day’. Which is a bit unrealistic since real estate around here costs a whopping 55000 per sq ft.

In all this time, I have realised the following

1.Bombay is full of bankers. Bombay:Bankers what Chennai/Bangalore: Software Engineers. And all of them make it a point to frequent Hard Rock CafĂ© having been told that it is a ‘cool’ place. (Very few bankers I know can be credited with original thinking when it comes to entertainment)

2.NCPA is an awesome place to watch plays. I can’t believe a theatre can be so spacious in such an expensive part of town
3.Eating out too much leads to break down in delicate gastro intestinal mechanisms
4.I managed to set up my music system and stopped playing them on the DVD player. Rock goes very well with the sea view.
5.Strangely I don’t particularly miss Tam songs/movies, not having watched too many of them in Chennai. In an effort to dwell in nostalgia, tried watching KTV. Vijaykanth’s shuddering jowls removed any tinge of romance.
6.Townside movie goers are very sad people. They dress up tons to watch movies.
7.Cabs seem to be held together with brown tape. I shudder to think what will happen when it rains and the gum wears off
8.Settling into office takes a long time. You want to kill a lot of people for messing around with which server you are linked to, doing and undoing stuff. But then HR sits right behind me and instead choose to bury my head dramatically in my hands. In case they don’t get the message that employee satisfaction dips on bad infrastructure
9.It is good to have CNBC back in my life
10.Long forgotten cooking skills are being put to use again. Bugged the person sitting closest to me at my housewarming potluck lunch to sample the raita and curd rice I had made. I like it when my friends are polite and don’t point out that it does not take a gourmet chef to make these dishes.

Unanswered questions in life – Do I or do I not subscribe to The Hindu? It comes a day late thus defeating the purpose of a paper. But reading Mumbai Mirror in the mornings somehow does not feel right.


Aqua said...

hey didn't know you've moved to mumbai!! how's it going. :)

Anita said...

going pretty good. Mumbai is Mumbai i guess despite everything

byker7 said...

The Hindu. The Hindu. No question about it :)

(This from a man who believes he's Northie by blood only, but Southern by the grace of Dame Fortune.)

Anita said...

Thanks byker7. Good, clear answer. Though have sadly realised on weekdays have just about enough time to read mandatory financial papers. Weekends it shall be.