Women's Day

The good

MTV ran a programme on self defence instead of its usual stuff on make up and boys.

The bad

The concept itself. I feel on par with the Giant Panda or the potato (I believe this is the International Year of the Potato). Frankly I think women are making huge strides. The problem is men do not know how to cope. Especially Indian men who are born and brought up with such a sense of entitlement, they are rudely shocked when reality hits them. What we perhaps need is an International Men’s Day to help them think about the world changing around them.

The funny

A few years ago, when this was becoming a shiny concept, a colleague got carried away by the spirit of the day and bought roses for all 20 of his female colleagues in celebration of womanhood. He got 20 dirty looks. I wonder if the whole office thought he was so desperate that he just decided to do a mass hit.


byker7 said...

flower spam. wow.

Ajeya said...

while i think women's day is a load of crap, i also do think this is a nice blog. dropping in for the first time. nice place