Home Sweet Home

Trip home was good fun because

1. For once, I had a holiday that was the right combination of relaxed and busy. Met up with just enough people, ate tons, chatted with parents and read two and half novels (One Agatha Christie, one chicklit and part of ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep’)

2. I woke up to a decent general newspaper everyday. God, how do I put up with TOI

3. No worries on what to do with leftover food, when to get the washing done and if there are enough groceries in the fridge
4. Dad has bought a new Philips rip-off machine to convert audio tapes to CDs/files on pen drive. Spent hours converting collection of Bob Dylan, Scorpions, GNR, Illaiyaraja and other sundry tapes. It has been so long since I have listened to tapes.
5. Watched brainless Tam flick (Santosh Subramanium) and bought pretty blue sandals

6. Timed the trip really well – had been away long enough to look forward to Chennai but was not back so early that I would feel terribly, miserably home sick after getting back to Mumbai

7. Managed to attend a birthday party and met up with people I would not have had the time meet otherwise

8. I sat and listened to a long pitch on why an insurance policy scheme is good for me and felt all grown up and responsible (Or perhaps the other way to look at it is – insurance? On a holiday? Loser. )

9. Had a nice girly afternoon with three friends, eating brownies and discussing life, love and make up

10. had time to slow down and think…but not too much


Ajeya said...

yay for holidays. audio tapes to CDs!! That's one mean machine! Never heard of anything that did that :) nothing like slowing down. don't know about the thinking bit ;)

byker7 said...

If you're into Philip K. Dick (or, after reading Androids, you intend to) check out this link:


It's a well written article, though long-ish. If you do skip through, read the table on pg.7

Banno said...

Please please tell me what the Phillips rip off machine is. I've just packed up some 200 tapes because I don't know what to do with them.

Anita said...

Thanks byker7. Will def check out the link.

Banno - The machine is actually called a Rip-Off machine. It is manufactured by Philips, so you should be able to locate it with a dealer. You can play your audio tape in them and convert them to a CD or store them in a pen drive and download them into your comp later. Yes, it is very very cool and addictive. And please don't be upset when you discover how many of your tapes have rotted in their covers.

Bharathis said...

The Philips CD sound machine's model-code number is AZ1856, available with any Philips dealer. It rips tapes, CDs and Radio into a USB (Pen-drive).You can play them back in the machine from the pendrive too. If you want to make them into ACDs you copy the songs from the pendrive into your comp and use your CD burner.