Dreaming on

I woke up with a start. My phone was ringing. My mom’s life-size hologram had already begun to make a faint appearance by my bedside. She started to talk about some cousin, all the while flickering in and out.

And then it slowly began to occur to me that we don’t yet live in a world of holographic communication. It was a dream.

The part of me which told me it was a dream also reminded me that it was time for office. I dragged myself to the toilets. It was completely overrun with water. I could not curse the bai enough for being sloppy when it comes to cleaning.

Wait a minute. The last time I had to contend with messy Indian-style toilets was back in school. It was a dream

My brain pushed on, constantly reminding me that I was really running late for work for now. I ran to my wardrobe to pick out the days clothes. Chose a plain light blue chiffon saree.

Plain light blue chiffon saree... I don’t own a plain light blue chiffon saree and I would certainly not go to office in something like this. It was a dream.

The alarm rang and I woke up. The curtain fluttered gently where the window was open. The phone lay on top of the three books piled by my bedside. My legs had still not got the message that it was time to be up and lay heavy even as I twisted myself to check the time. This felt real.

But have you ever woken up from a dream just to realise you are still in a dream. And this goes on as an endless loop for sometime? Weird.

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SK said...

Oh-ho Yes! Been there! Feels weird. Days starts later than usual. Dream feels very much real.