Movie time

And I joined the list of women who watch the movie, Sex and the City on the first day of its release. It was unplanned and unintentional and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Not the movie itself. It was the same as the series – full of awesome clothes, shoes, bags and a thin storyline in there somewhere. But the crowd!

SoBo dresses up for its weekend movies. And if it is a movie about dressing up, then it is the closest to a religious experience they are likely to have. Being responsible for the tickets, I was the first to reach the foyer and I had to wait for a good fifteen minutes while various friends parked their cars. I watched women of every age and size parade in lovely heels, big bags and fancy clothes. Thin, young ones in pretty dresses and ballet flats. Plumper ones in scarves and silver stilettos (think they were supposed to make the fat calves look thinner). Bags large enough to conceal another person. Clutches too small to conceal anything.

Also, most of the audience was women. So they unabashedly clapped when Sam’s sexy neighbour made his appearance, oohed and aahed as Carrie paraded the wedding gowns of the movie’s key on-screen advertisements, cooed when Charlotte’s baby appeared and sighed when Miranda broke up with Steve (Yeah, all spoilers, but get perspective on what movie it is).

It was a trip down sorority house and vanity land, bundled into one.

While we are at movies, may as well add the other movie I watched, which I thoroughly did enjoy for the movie. Be Kind Rewind, was released surreptitiously in a few theatres in the suburbs. There was no fanfare about it, lest people actually saw it. Being one of the people who looked it up on rotten tomatoes and who liked its silly storyline and the fact it was made by Michel Gondry, the director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I decided to go for it and dragged a friend along.

Before the movie began, there was a short film called ‘Rewind’, shown as some sort of a platform for aspiring movie artistes. It was neat, well-told and held the thrill it was meant to.

That put the twenty-odd people in the theatre in a mood for a slightly off-beat movie. Be Kind Rewind was definitely that. The plotline revolves around a couple of guys (Jack Black, Mos Def) in a video rental store erasing all the tapes by mistake. They try to shoot their own versions of the movies to retain a faithful customer. From the time Jack Black conceives elaborate costumes for their plans to sabotage a power plant to the time they finish shooting the last of their ‘home’ videos, it is a laugh. If you are the type who can enjoy odd-ball humour, suspend logic and go with the flow, then this movie is definitely recommended. If it helps, seventeen of the twenty people in the theatre laughed out loud. I assume two were busy using the environs of the dark theatre. One is always the grouchy kind. Not a statistically valid sample size, but something!


byker7 said...

"If it helps, seventeen of the twenty people in the theatre laughed out loud. I assume two were busy using the environs of the dark theatre. One is always the grouchy kind."


Ajeya said...

really want to watch Be Kind Rewind. 21 is quite fun too, predictable but entertaining. worth a watch.

Anita said...

byker7 - :)

ajeya - yup, watched 21. or rather was in the theatre while the movie played and i gently dozed after a long day. not a bad movie though.