Conversation with colleague on Quantum of Solace

Male Colleague: So did you catch the new Bond movie?

Me: Yep. I thought it was quite incoherent

MC: I swear. I am planning to watch it again so I can understand it better. I did not get the story


Me: Yeah, but no one got the story since the screenplay and editing was bad. Not because it had layers and meanings.

MC nods thoughtfully. Feel slightly sorry for him and decide perhaps he can be dissuaded from watching the movie again if I tell him what the movie was about.

Me: I think the movie was a bit about closure

MC: You mean like closing the company the villain runs?

Clearly MC had not seen sitcoms like Friends and Sex and the City and had no clue about such lingo.

Me: Er..no. It is about Bond coming to terms with his girlfriend’s death in the last movie

MC visibly recoils

MC: That sounds like a Mills and Boons novel

Add Mills and Boons to the list of things MC has not experienced

Me: No. In a MB, they just spend 100 pages pretending to dislike each other and in the last page they make up..

(and usually make out, I add mentally)

MC nods thoughtfully. He has clearly learnt more girlie terminology in the last ten minutes than he has in his entire life. He has also quickly learnt that trying to discuss Bond movie with women may not always result in a blow by blow analysis of the action.

MC changes subject quickly.


Serendipity said...

LOL!! Im gonna do it too .. and so totally kill it for the men :P
And guess what Im going to watch vaaranam aayiram which is inspired by Forrest Gump and ahem it has sameera reddy in it.. Cant really picture her saying 'Forrest , life is like a box of candies ..' :D .. She may be Jenny breaking into a jig?

byker7 said...

I haven't read any M&B, but you make it sound eerily similar to Jane Austen, whom various cinematic adaptations have also forced me to avoid like the plague.

byker7 said...

@ serendipity: If it's Sammera Reddy as Jenny, about all she can break into, is a jiggle.

I say this with the authority of someone who's seen a high resolution, 4' x6' image of her being de-stretch marked.

It took 10 days. And the DTP guy went on a week's sick leave straight after.

Anita said...

serendipity - oh good. my mouse hovered periliously over vaaranam aayiram tickets on the online movie booking site. looks like I have escaped.

byker7 - Jane Austen is literature and is a brilliant commentary on society back then. MB is crap. Cinematic versions of Jane Austen can't capture her wit or observation skills and instead focus on the romance. Please do read her.

byker7 said...

Anita. That's a pretty strong recommendation. Figure I'll give Austen a shot once I'm done with the current batch of books.

Anita said...

byker7 - Try Pride and Prejudice, Emma or Sense and Sensibility. Let me know how it goes!