The grass is greener on my side

I spoke to a friend who had gone to the Ranthambore sanctuary over the Republic Day weekend. We both started on how we had to contend with a miserable set of co-visitors in our respective sanctuaries. It turned out that despite all my whining about Gujjus in Gir, I lost the cribbing competition fair and square. Here is what the friend said

The sanctuary is a popular stop in the North Indian tour circuit and was consequently filled with North Indian tourists (who are apparently even louder than Gujjus)

The rooms cost twice as much as what we had paid since accommodation is in Havelis and the thumb rule in Rajasthan is that if the owners can boast of royal lineage, they double the prices. (Though I suspect my friend chose the Haveli route when he could have very well stayed in normal hotels like us commoners)

A bunch of spoilt brat Delhi kids decided that Ranthombore had more potential as a party place than a sanctuary. Consequently on day one they jumped into a pool and made a ruckus at twelve in the night and on day two began to blast loud music at three in the morning. The fact that some of the guests gave the kids the firing of their lives was a very thin silver lining

But most of all, after doing four safaris, he did not spot any tigers. Instead had to bear jokes like this on each of the safaris -

Guide (pointing to a deer) – That is a Sambar

Loud Sardar tourist – Arey if this is the Sambar, where is the idli?

Everyone in Loud Sardar's group - chortle chortle chortle

Atleast I saw a lionness


Anonymous said...

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Mith said...


If you want to see tigers at Ranthambhore the best time is to go during the mid March - mid June period. However please note in mind that this year it would be relatively more difficult to spot the tigers because incidentally most of the cubs and mothers have separated last year around october. The tigresses in the tourist area are right now either pegnant or have very small cubs who do not venture out a lot. Next year it will be relatively easier to spot the tigers as the cubs will grow up by that time.

Anita said...

mith - thanks for the info. though must say that is a lot of detailed knowledge! also checked out the link on your blog with all the stuff on Ranthombore sanctuary. interesting.