Having dinner with kids

Kids hate to sit down. Bring a high chair and they will struggle like you are a cannibal lugging them to the pot of boiling water

Kids hate to eat. After three bites of any meal the parent has carried along, kids will be ignore the meal and engage themselves in other interesting things like testing the candle flame to see if it is really hot

Only one parent will have a conversation with you at a time. If the kid is within striking distance of the candle flame, then both parents will be temporarily unavailable.

Anytime both parents are trying to carry on a conversation with you, you can be sure neither is paying the least attention to you

The strange smell that wafts when you are digging into your roast chicken usually signals a need for a diaper change. The trick is not to visualize further

Sure I love playing with kids and have spent countless hours babysitting various cousins. I wonder though, how it feels to be stuck with one of them all the time.


Rohini said...

Why? You planning to saddle yourself with one any time soon? ;)

Anita said...

Is saddle the right word to use when you have not one but two kids of your own!

and no. need to work up courage before taking any rash decisions.

Rohini said...

Saddle is exactly the right word, especially if you happen to be home with them ALL DAY LONG.

Saumya said...

All true...but you will find the contentment and joy you get out of seeing a tiny person bloom and blossom into her/his own person is worth a lost conv here and a lost conv there. In my opinion, one is as constricted by children as they let themselves to be.

Enjoy doing things with them and you will see that there are a great many things both of you enjoy doing. Take time for yourself every now and then