Games People Play

I finally found it!

After years of searching, I located Boggle. This was a word game the Sis and I used to play every time we went to visit some cousins. For various reasons, that only a ten year old could have come up with, I always used to feel quite superior to the said Cousins. Until their collection of board games would appear. Then I would turn green with envy.

We played quite a few board games at their place and I particularly remember Scotland Yard
and Boggle.

Over the years, I have been trying to locate Boggle but for some strange reason, stores never used to have them. This was till I went to the toy store next door last month.

As usual, I asked (optimistically with no view to actually hearing a ‘Yes’) – “Do you have Boggle?”

“Yes” the spirited salesman muttered.

Buying the game and paying for it was the work of a moment. All the way home, I clutched it close to my heart. Something like what people do when they are carrying state secrets about their person. Though unlike them, I was also skipping a bit.

D and I have spent several evenings now playing Boggle. Despite my super levels of confidence in my ability to win at word games and the prior experience at having played the game, D has been beating me solidly. Think in a short while I will have to stop pretending that it is beginner’s luck for D.

Luckily, we are better matched at Chinese checkers
. I picked up the game in a last minute discovery in the supermarket and it turns out that just like me, D used to play this when he visited his cousins. We had a few tender moments bonding about how much we had in common. Then we got down to the serious business of fighting about the actual rules of the game vs rules we were each used to. (Talk about baggage from your past... )

So I have been on a regular trip to childhood quite a few evenings the last month. I must say that after a tired day at work, it definitely beats flopping down in front of the TV to watch the 25th rerun of Friends.


hAAthi said...

aww board games RULE! intelligent ones at that.. my sister and used to play boggle when we were kids too!

Archana said...

Boggle was super-awesome - I remember too!

"I always used to feel quite superior to the said Cousins"

Oh well, at ten, I remember you feeling quite superior to pretty much everyone around you :-P!

Anita said...

hAAthi - It is still good fun. You should try playing now

Archu - Sigh, the good ole days.

anjali said...

i love playing boggle too, though kapil refuses to play it because i always win.. :) we are going through a monopoly revival here (kapil is the reigning champion for now..) and today we got a brand new game, the settlers of catan..

Anita said...

Anjali - why am I not surprised Kapil is winning at monopoly..

settlers of catan sounds pretty interesting! will look it up.