Aha moment

Coming to office on a Monday and finding out
1. Your colleague is on leave
2. Your secreatry is on leave
3. There are too many deadlines to be met and it is a short week
4. You are dependent on too many other people to meet these deadlines
Then you rummage your drawer for a pencil and find a single creamy, crunchy, chocolatey Oreo cookie from a packet from last week.
Suddenly the little stress spot on your shoulder disappears..


Archana said...

I used to LOVE oreos - I used to scarf down dozens at a time when I first got to the US. Then I read that the cream inside is completely made of chemicals with no cream-like thing in it at all. I tell you, I hate how the truth ruins so many things :-(.

p.s. Did I ruin it for you too??

Anita said...

Archu - Of course not. Pretty much everything I eat must have a generous dose of chemicals on it.