Alumni party

Saying Hi
Meeting people you have not met in a long time and jabbering away excitedly.

Running out of things to say in roughly five minutes and moving onto the next person

Eventually ending up spending most time with the five friends you have anyway been in regular touch with the last ten years.

Looking good
Noticing that most men have lost their hair or acquired a paunch or both

The guy in the top five heartthrob list ten years ago is now in the top five paunch list.

But then new top five candidates have emerged..

Party time
Being fully prepared to dance and drink the night away

Realising that alcohol is now banned on campus and exactly ten people are interested in dancing leaving you looking like some Prabhu Deva wannabe

Finding out enterprising batchmates have sneaked in drinks and noticing that the other nine people on the floor are providing such enthusiastic company you really don’t care about the fuddy duddies seated elsewhere

The night canteen has extended its menu to unbelievable levels including a patisserie outside

Turns out though that the top most popular dishes are still bread burjee and cheese Maggie noodles

Quickly reverting to the ‘eat as quickly as you can’ mantra before ten others wipe the food clean from your plate.

Staying up
Realising that you have stayed up till 5.30 a.m. on campus not for project deadlines or exam cramming but just to gossip the night away

When actually there is no gossip since most everyone is married, has kids and a stable/boring life.

But then you can always rehash the gossip from ten years ago, find out stuff that you never knew and be totally horrified/thrilled.

Yup, it was a good tenth year reunion


Sonal said...

the 'top five paunch' comment made me laugh. actually i remember noticing paunches on guys just two three years out of school so i can imagine what ten years would do. the food part and how its changed / not changed seems like a universal bschools factor.

Mum's delight said...

you missed the excellent quizzing abilities demonstrated by your good friends, ably supported by their backbencher friends!!!

byker7 said...


Very nice.

Was at a local watering hole, with the missus, towards the end of last year. Elderly gent, with what seems to be a plump trophy wife, plop down on a couch across the way. He looks vaguely familiar. 20 minutes later, my piercing gaze looks past the silvery mane and the prosperous physique, and figure the guy's a classmate from 10th grade. I mention it to the missus. She asks if I want to say hello. I look uncertain. She pauses thoughtfully, then says "Yeah, it wouldn't be fair."

Anita said...

sonal - for some strange reason, middle class Indian men even in this day and age develop fat tummies really fast even though their wives look quite hot. One trip to Goa is enough to make one go 'aarrggh'

mum's delight - of course I did not miss the quizzing. Thought I should devout a whole special post to such an excellent performance...

byker7 - :) Ah, I bet you felt as smug as a bug in a rug.

Archana said...

Most of my male classmates have not aged too well either, at least as per FB pictures. The women seem to have done much better (though we were all so gawky back then, I guess it has to take quite some effort to look worse...)

byker7 said...

just for a bit. just for the time it takes for one second to crawl from "now" back to "then".