The simple joys of a weekend away

I am back, refreshed and happy, from a weekend away with the family.

This is what my routine was like -

Saturday – Reach Mahua Bagh, located close to Murud. Enter 25 acres of greenery and a handful of cottages, with just a tiny village nearby to remind me of civilization.

Eat yummy lunch.


Pluck green mangoes from the bunch hanging onto our balcony

Read book on the hammock in the garden

Go for a walk to the sea.

Sit on the rocks, soak feet in the water and let the breeze play with my hair.

Return via a fishing village, with feet occasionally getting damp in the water.

Check out the home grown plants in the garden.

Gobble up gooseberries by the dozen straight from the plant. Tiny, plump, fresh gooseberries hanging in light green bunches. Gooseberries that don’t have to be washed before I plop them greedily into my mouth.

Eat yummy dinner

Play cards with the whole family


Sunday - Wake up to the sound of the ocean and the bright light streaming through the white curtains

Have a round of intense badminton. Ignore the slight ache in the right shoulder from the utter lack of practice

Yummy breakfast of parathas stuffed with fresh methi plucked off the garden

More cards

Light game of throwball in the shade of the mango trees

Yummy lunch with veggies, again from the garden.


Gobble up tea and homemade carrot cake while watching bro-in-law playing with the four well-behaved dogs on the farm


Veggies from the garden, the sea, trees and quiet, exercising for fun – I could do this everyday…


hAAthi said...

wow.. sounds heavenly! if you lived in goa, you could accomplish SOME of that :P

Anita said...

hAAthi - Totally agree. I see your posts and most times totally jealous!

Archana said...

Yup, totally, totally loved the entire Mumbai stay!

Mum's delight said...

Sounds amazing!