Here is an extract of a conversation exchange I saw on my 14 year old cousin’s Facebook page

“its cool n i accept it..!! but fr ur info wats der in dis to put as a DP sir ?!? its an osm pic.. but nt fr a DP.. n i guess i said dat to my bro.. so..”

I read the statement.

Then read it again.

I read a lot and can proudly say I can get through different styles of writing quite well. However, the spellings compressed into half their original lengths and their strange acronyms were clearly beyond me.

Eventually I guessed that ‘osm’ perhaps stood for ‘awesome’

Then I did a Google and landed on a link for internet slangs and figured out that DP meant ‘Display Picture’

Mystery solved but the link has opened up a whole new world of internet lingo. Looks like there is a completely new language out there.

English is so passé.

IJAF people.

p.s. Obviously I have been learning some acronyms.


hAAthi said...

omg i have no clue what IJAF and JICYDK are! clearly, im falling behind. Google to the rescue, i guess..

Anita said...

hAAthi - I hereby bequeath the source of all slang knowledge to you - http://www.internetslang.com/