Show me the money

For the longest time, I carried around a wallet gifted by my friend, C. The wallet was a vast improvement over the one I had procured by raiding my parent’s cupboard of gifted-items-to-be-passed-along. C’s wallet had plenty of space for storing my various credit cards, debit cards, store cards, coins, I.Ds and so on. The only issue was that it folded three-way, making all my bank notes crumple spontaneously the minute they were deposited in the wallet. An issue definitely, but not enough to assuage the guilt of buying a new wallet (not that I have ever been bothered by guilt when it comes to practically any other type of shopping).

Eventually when C’s hardy wallet began to show enough wear and tear, I delightedly began to keep an eye out for a new one.

Easier said than done.

My favourite leather-goods shop, Adamjis, did not have something which I particularly liked. Most of the other places did not either. So slowly, the activity was pushed to a recess of my mind.

Then I went back home and raided my parent’s cupboard again (one is never too grown up to do this). Voila! There it was – a smart, black, leather ladies wallet. It was long, meaning notes did not have to be folded. It did not have as many card slots as I would have liked, but I figured that my poor shoulder would get a break if I did not lug around so much stuff each day. Swapping wallets was the work of a moment.

As it happened, a few weeks later I found myself browsing through the Samsonite sale when the clouds parted and the heaven above placed a wallet right in front of my eyes. It was one of those moments when you know you have found your one true love – angels began to trumpet, everything felt slightly pleasant and hazy and dropped into background. The wallet alone glowed…

It was longish, so I did not have to have crumpled notes.

It had plenty of compartments, so I could keep various denominations of notes separately.

It had plenty of card slots. So all the cards which I was beginning to miss by now could come back in.

It had a section at the back where I could tuck in bills for dry-cleaning and other stuff which I usually pick up on the go

To top it all, it was quite sleek.

Look –

(Pics from the Samsonite website)

I did not even feel the earlier guilt. How could one? In the face of perfection.

It has been a few weeks now and I make it a point to pull out the wallet ostentatiously at every occasion. The only minor quibble I have is that the card slots in the front are slightly reduced on account of the buttons. I would say that was put in deliberately to ward off evil eyes.

This is my secret cheap thrill for the time being.


hAAthi said...

omg i didnt know samsonite had a website with such detail. i think you have just singlehandedly helped my wallet fetish resurface..muhuhhahahahaha

Anita said...

hAAthi - ha ha, join the gang.

Jerry said...

Halfway down the post I was wondering if there was a picture of the wallet and there it was! Good going :)

Sonal said...

a year or so ago when i needed a wallet, i picked one smart bronze colored one. i was very happy with my purchase till i reached home and started to transfer cards to the new one and realised half the card pockets were too small to hold any standard size card! so i lived with fancy over functionality till i wore it out. now i have a perfectly ordinary, inexpensive and extremely functional one. waiting for this to wear out to use fossil wallet gift lying in the cupboard. hopefully this time fancy meets functionality.

Anita said...

Jerry - Now you know :)

Sonal - So I am not the only one handling these weighty issues!