The Vintage Caper by Peter Mayle

Rating – Read if you have the time

It was one of those early mornings in the airport. You are up bright and early to catch a flight. Your mind is unfortunately still on snooze mode. So you ignore the free Economic Times and Business Standard filched from the newspaper stands and go in search of ‘light’ reading to avoid actually having to scan the news till you are mentally ready for it. Thus I ended up in the bookshop and coughed up the money for this book.

The cover had a judicious sprinkling of phrases like ‘breeze of a read’, ‘feel-good book’ and also stuff about ‘leaves you thirsty for a glass of Bordeaux’ and ‘savour over a vintage rose’.

Light page turner about wine-theft. Exactly what one would call light reading. In the event, I sincerely read my newspapers on the flight and did not get around to reading this book till much later.

It is a simple enough story. Rich and brash Hollywood lawyer has his wines stolen. His insurance company, facing a claim of 3 million dollars, hires a private eye to investigate. Private Eye, promptly hotfoots it to France and spends the rest of the book drinking lots of good wine, eating lots of good food and checking out places, accompanied by his sophisticated French colleague. The book rolled nicely from one meal to the next and from one wine to the next. The culprit is caught in a manner that was absurdly reminiscent of my Famous Five days (albeit with some adult-world touches like a reigniting romance and a face-saving diplomatic solution). Not to mention the description of French food and places is always worth a read.

Perfect when you want to drift into a post-lunch siesta on a holiday.


byker7 said...

Having read your review, may I humbly recommend revising the rating from "read if you have time" to simply "borrow".

Anita said...

:) am trying to stick to a 3 point . Besides no longer recommend owning books unless they are superlative stuf in the 'read' category