Neither Here nor There by Bill Bryson

Rating - Read

Bryson is one of the authors I love to reread. His travel books always work as a pick-me-up and many a time I have dreamt about travelling and writing like him (As have many others I believe. When I surfed a site on travel writing, the first warning they gave was that a miniscule few get as lucky as Bryson).

This book follows the author’s travels through Europe. Bryson starts with seeing the Northern lights in Norway and goes in a zig zag manner to finally reach Istanbul. Clearly it is not a guide book meant to tell people where to go in each country and city. It is a tongue-in-cheek observation of the locals. Bryson heaps praise when deserved but his ‘WTF’ observations are much funnier and there are loads of them.

As always, a funny read by a dependable author.

P.S. Maybe I should correct ‘dependable’. Ever since he started writing on non-travel topics, I think results have been mixed. I have still not been able to move beyond the first few pages of his ‘Shakespeare’


Anonymous said...

OH I have been meaning to pick up Bryson for the longest time, and have some how never gotten down to it. Now seems like a good time. Perhaps it will inspire some much needed (and so far only intended) travel..

Aparna said...

You are on a (blog)roll here!!! I haven't read this book, will add to my list.

Prasetyo said...

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Mum's delight said...

I just finished reading Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid and loved it!

Anita said...

haathitime - yup, yup do try them

Aparna - :) feeling totally satisfied about finally finishing off the book list postings

Prasetyo - thanks

Mum's Delight - I really liked it too!