Holy God

Here is an interesting article my friend sent me


The first line is rather catchy I would say since it goes ‘A federal bankruptcy judge Wednesday ordered an external audit of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego amid accusations church leaders are trying to hide assets to avoid payment to sex abuse victims.’

Firstly, I have never heard of churches going bankrupt (and just imageine, the article goes on to say there have been five church bankruptcies recently). Largely because I have this romantic image of religious institutions being some sort of charitable places that run on divine intervention (or maybe govt funding).

Secondly I never thought churches go bankrupt because they have run out of money to pay victims who are sexually abused. I mean, why become a priest if you are clearly not going to be able to do your job viz. toe the moral line. (Though this does explain why funding does not come on account of divine intervention)

Thirdly, they hide assets in order to avoid payments!

Don’t get me wrong. I am a believer in religion to a certain extent, no matter which one it is. But really when statistics show that more and more people lack faith these days; you don’t have to look too far for the reason do you?

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