Freewheeling post

Last weekend

1. Show I watched on TV

Anchor gushing over Kareena Kapoor ‘If rumours are to be believed she is being paid 6 crores for the movie. That makes her the highest paid actor in the industry ..er…atleast in the female genre’

Genre? Really?

2. Harry potter and the deathly hallows

Earned eternal wrath of grandma since I was buried in the book throughout the family gathering at uncle’s place on Saturday. But at 2 in the night, I put the book down triumphantly and hugged myself for having seen potter mania live.

Of course at the end of it all, only Bollywood can be used to sum up the hero’s immortality - ‘Mere paas ma hai’

3. Die Hard 4.0

John McClane is your average Joe doing his job. Only he jumps down fire escapes with just a small scratch, jumps off burning buildings with just a small scratch and even jumps off an unmanned, burning fighter jet with just a small scratch.

Isn’t it weird that our superheroes like Spiderman spend all their time brooding over girlfriend and best friend problems and puff and pant to stop the merest train from falling off a broken bridge but our everyday heroes seem not to blink an eye while saving the world a.k.a U.S. Why have movies changed so much since I was a kid?

I love Bruce Willis though.

4. Traffic signals

Ever since I read Rohinton Mistry’s Such a fine balance I shudder to see maimed beggars at traffic jams since I am always wondering if their limbs have been deliberately tampered with. I don’t want to give alms and encourage the begging syndicate to enroll more people into their ranks. But I wonder if I should just give the alms so the beggar on the street continues to be fed by his syndicate. I have no answer to this one.

5. Shopping

By what can be deemed only as an Act of God, I managed to visit 4 sales and not buy anything.

6. Barista

Grump grump. Why is their tiny café always crowded with teenagers who order one smoothie between the lot of them and sit around hugging a table permanently like they are preventing it from being cut down? And why does the Raspberry iced tea taste and look like pot pourri floating around in diluted Rooh Afza?

Sigh. Sunday night.

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