HKD 6 - Delhi

Finally. I was there and there was no turning back. One sure reason was that Indian Airlines might not have been too pleased with its passengers stepping back into the plane.

Delhi was HOT. As I stepped onto the tarmac the loo wind physically pushed me back. The pilot had kindly informed us earlier on that it was 46 degrees outside. This should have immediately caused a change of plans in my local transportation. However, my friend had stated in no uncertain terms that unless I followed her instructions there was a huge likelihood of me being mugged, molested or killed. Hence, meekly I got into a non air-conditioned prepaid taxi and made my way to Gurgaon.

A Maruti 800 is a very tiny vehicle. Especially if you are trying to stay away from the windows to avoid sunburns. In the event, I somehow folded into myself and looked dazed at the car ahead that proclaimed in big bold letters ‘JAT BOY’.

When I finally reached the journey’s end, I got into air conditioning and then refused to get out till it was actually time go leave.

PB was waiting for me at the food court in Nizammudin station, trying to look observed in her book. Apparently that was the only way to discourage the ogling male folks around. Her backpack was bulging and propped against a pillar. Mine was added to the collection and we chatted for a while before mustering the energy to lug our stuff to the platform. This being Delhi, the curious actually did not just contend themselves with impolite stares. A mother-daughter combo sat at our table and then asked if we were going on a trek. Satisfied that their guess was right, they went back to pretending that they were invisible to us.

I had to walk leaning forward slightly so that my centre of gravity was stable. If I leant back a bit, there was a very good chance that the weight of my backpack would pull me down and I would look like an insect with its feet sticking in the air.

The train to Dehradun arrived in the station. We got in; found places for our huge lumbering backs, showed our tickets to the TT and slept.

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Bharati said...

i had a gud laugh.... for ur insect illusion......