Timepass Poll

So the other day I was chatting with a friend about the James Blunt song, You are Beautiful.

(I have never been a fan of James Blunt. I always thought his voice sounded nasal and a bit shrill. Of late, though, I have started liking the You are Beautiful number. For those who have not heard the song, judge for yourself here. And for those who have not heard the song clearly, here are the lyrics. Finally, for those who would like a short synopsis of what this song is about – Male protagonist sees random gorgeous woman in a subway and meets her eye. And moans about how he will never see her again since they both are just strangers who shared a moment in a crowded sub)

I thought that if the random gorgeous woman had indeed turned around and given him her number, he would have just shrugged his shoulders and walked off. After all, men chasing women is a bit like a dog chasing a car. Once you reach the car, you are not entirely sure why you began the activity in the first place.

My friend (at this point I must add he is male) was shocked. He thought Blunt had indeed spotted his soulmate and when men meet their soulmates they just go for it.

And since we were so much at the opposite ends of the spectrum, I decided to conduct an absolutely unscientific poll with a sample of views collected from a cross section of my friends. So I (along with inputs from my friend) created this quick poll:

Do you think if the girl in the James Blunt song ‘You are beautiful’ actually turned around and gave her number, he would call her?

Option A - No way. He would lose interest now that the chase is over
Option B - Of course, today might be his lucky day

The poll was promptly mailed to about 30 friends.

A week later, this is what the responses look like

9 of the 12 women who responded voted for option A
5 of the 7 men who responded voted for option B

I am wondering now if all the women I know (myself included) are really this cynical…

I can only think of two possibilities are

Men are actually nice. Us women have become cynical
Men are deluded. They think they will call but won’t

My friend, on the other hand, thinks that women should be more liberal in giving out their numbers!

p.s. If anyone wants to see/participate in the poll, here are the links for men and women. It is the same
question. But since I was too lazy to sign up for a proper free site that let me ask people multiple questions, just created one poll each for the demography I was looking at


lemontree said...

first time to your blog. best friend forwarded a post "survival guide for the single woman"... timely and very well written

and ofcourse he wouldn't call :)

see u around

Anonymous said...

He would call as just getting the number is not "chase over". :)

World is not binary. Call = good man and no call = timepass.


byker7 said...

I'm much more interested in the topic you raised before you got to the will she/will he bit.

Namely, can James Blunt sing? (We won't even get into his whiney lyrics.)

My personal opinion is that Bob Dylan is the only man who can make music through his nose.

But then, I don't want to completely digress from the subject of your post.

So perhaps we could add a filter to your poll - Is a woman more likely to give a man her number if he listens to Dylan or Blunt?

And then, in the interests of gender parity, ask who is more likely to call back - a Dylan fan, or a Blunt fan?

What say?

Anita said...

lemontree - thanks for the compliment on the survival guide. and oh no! i totally believe some of them would call back :)

byker7 - lol. Liking James Blunt is hardwork. And yup, totally think the poll divided on Blunt and Dylan would be more revealing.

Sowmya said...

Thinking about it, any guy soppy enough to sing the Blunt song, would call back. The question is, as a woman, do you want the Blunt serenading dude to call you back? Even if he did, how long would you stick with him given that he listens to Blunt?

Entropy said...

Hi Byker 7,
Only in the interests of accuracy I must mention that Himesh Reshammiya is another man who makes music (and tons of money) through his nose.
I promise I hate Himmeshbhai. But what to do, 'tis my duty to ensure accurate reporting.

byker7 said...

Dear Zen

I submit, without question, that Himself Reshammiya makes tons of money through his nose.

In fact, he makes so much money, that the Cali cartel are thinking of giving up their nickel and dime coke business and shifting to mumbai. (Where, one assumes, they will trade in their uzis for synthesizers and mixers.)

What I don't agree with, is that he makes music through his nose.

His olfactory organ certainly produces an abundance of auditory output. But it is certainly not music.

Hence, in the interests of accuracy, I must stand by my comment. Dylan (Bob, not Thomas) is the only man I know who can make music, through his nose.


Entropy said...

Cannot but agree.

Have you ever written a post on Himmeshbhai ? Please to do so. Or give link to previous post.


byker7 said...


Sadly, a post on the nasal nawab of new bollywood, is one of the many things I have not yet done.

As soon as the muse catches up with me in a dark alley somewhere, the situation shall be remedied.


Anita said...

sowmya - deep questions indeed.

zen/byker7 - ah, just when i thought Blunt was the nadir you guys remind me of a whole new world of possibilities.