Evolution of a facebook user

Sit out the Facebook revolution for several years.

Listen to friends indicate that you are a dinosaur and may be left off the ship earthlings will use to emigrate to the outer worlds when apocalypse hits.

One fine evening, sign up

Cautiously accept pending invites (and wonder how one can get invites even before one even has a Facebook account. This is so Big Brother)

Start responding to messages.


Realise on one slow day that office gives you access to Facebook.

Start commenting on everyone’s pages.

Invite a few friends


Notice number of friends all your friends have and realize you look like the class loser with a pathetically low score.

Get competitive

Start inviting half of your batch from college and B School


Realise you are getting updates on Dinesh Daswani’s life frequently

Realise you have not exchanged more than two words with Dinesh in your entire 2 years at B-School

Realise you are not interested in Dinesh’s life at all.

Spend time contemplating between de-friending Dinesh, abandoning Facebook and turning to Yoga to remove competitive streak in self.


Figure out tools for seeing updates only of ‘close friends’ and feel like an international diplomat bringing smooth solutions to conflict-torn areas.

Realise this is the kind of meaningless work you were worried Facebook would thrust on you.

Kick yourself for succumbing to peer pressure to get a Facebook account and make a mental note that you don’t want to be on the emigration ship. Esp if it has Dinesh Daswani.


Entropy said...

finally you are back to regular blogging !

nice post about facebook.

Rohini said...

Am so there. I am so ready to delete my FB account...

Anonymous said...

might bee of some interest to you.

Aqua said...

LOL :) if life wasn't stressfull enough already :)

erm. i have re-discovered some ppl on FB. eg, the guy i didn't speak more than 2 words in b-school i discovered had sparkling wit and interesting views via his FB status messages. we're now FB status message friends. so now i'm glad i didn't de-friend him.

and coming to de-friending. i have been de-friended and boy, it sucks! even if you didn't give two hoots about the de-friender! :)

SK said...

This was a hilarious post!! Really liked it. I am still in phase 1, dont ever want to try to get competitive and go to phase 2. No thank you!
You are right, you dont have to be facebook user, twitter user to be 'hip' or in line with the times.

Archana said...

Haha - I still have *not* succumbed to the pressure *smug smile*. Seriously - Orkut was time-waster enough!

Anita said...

Entrophy - thanks

Rohini - ha ha

Theghostwhotalks - nice article and I can triumphantly say I have resisted all attempts at being drawn into FB groups and games

Aqua - Admit I figured out a couple of people are more interesting than I thought through FB. And no plans to de-tag.

SRK - twitter..now that sounds like an idea.

Archu - Come, join us. We won't eat you......

byker7 said...

Heh. I hear there's a movement afoot to re-name it Quiz Book.

Anita said...

Byker7 - Seriously. There are so many of them. And it is spooky the way just after you accept a quiz invite a general statement comes saying all your personal info can now be used for the quiz.

Mum's delight said...

that's what you get for accepting random people as friends!! i know some people who now maintain two facebook accounts- one for close friends and family and one for colleagues and batchmates!

anjali said...

the whole point of facebook is that you can now be "in touch" with the world without making any effort what's so ever.. it's like watching the news.. :) just turn it on and let it go.. wait till i get you to start playing games.. then we'll see how you deal with it.

Anita said...

mum's delight - what in case your close friend gets downgraded to a not-so-close friend? then you have to shift then to another account instead of just restricting their access..

anjali - you fraud. am not getting lured further into this by you

Joy said...

I have zillion pending game requests! and I get to know what people eat for breakfast. Only thing is I have no clue who these people are !!! :)

Strwbrry_Fields said...

poor Dinesh! but nice post :-)

Kaushik said...

I shall always remain an Orkut loyalist. :)

Nikesh said...

funny, Anita. had a good laugh.