Chilling out in Ko Samui

The green patches of land, encircled by a wide expanse of blue was my first sighting of Ko Samui, right from the air. On ground, we arrived at a cheery little airport that instantly put you in the holiday mood. We collected our luggage smiling (and truly, how many airports can you say that about?)

Samui is a nice big island with wonderful beaches tucked on all sides. We had decided to stay at the quieter Bophut beach. Our trip happened to coincide with the New Year, and the first evening was spent boogying away at Samui’s most popular beach in Chaeweng.

The next morning, it began to rain. And rain it did for most part of the stay. Luckily, Samui is famous for its spas and we made good use of the weather to get pampered indoors at the Zazen Resort Spa and the Anantara Spa next door. We ourselves were staying at the Ibis Hotel chain, a lazy booking brought about by lack of enthusiasm to search for a truly boutique place. It was quite comfortable, had its own beach and served its purpose.

The rains let up most evenings, leaving us some time to explore the island. One evening was spent by me walking around Chaeweng beach shopping area while D decided to learn some Thai cooking at the famous Samui Institute of Thai Culinary Arts.

Another evening was set aside to explore the neighbouring Fisherman’s Village, filled with restaurants and shops.

One day when the sky was merely overcast, we hired a bike to drive to Lamai beach and that gave us the freedom to make random stops, including one for lunch at the breathtakingly located The Cliff.

What we however could not do thanks to the rains was a trip to the Anthong Marine Park to try a hand at kayaking, snorkeling and a bit of trekking.

Samui was a good trip - plenty of food, lazy strolling around, excellent massages. What more can one ask for..


Sonal said...

luckily for us the weather held so we tried out snorkelling. it was an amazing experience. though this was the second time for me, unlike the first, we were taken to spots right in the middle of the sea with no land in sight! managed to see a few fishes and corals but the best part was being in the middle of the sea itself!

Mum's delight said...

sounds like a nice restful holiday! But are the spas better than the Indian ones?

Musings said...

Sounds like my kinda trip. Fun!

Anita said...

Sonal - Man, I really need to try snorkelling somewhere! But cool you guys put your newly acquired swimming skills to test

Mum's delight - The spas were really good. I think getting the same level of service would be much more expensive in India

Musings - Then you should plan one soon ;)