Ringing in 2012

How do you know you had a happening New Year’s Eve?

Be in Ko Samui, Thailand – Yes

Be in a party on the beach – Yes

Watch lanterns floating onto the sky – Yes

Hear and see firecrackers at regular intervals – Yes

Sit around a table on the beach sand and get cool neon fake glasses to wear – Yes

Start dancing after a while to the thumping music – Yes

Watch fire eaters do some stunts – Yes

Greet the new year by hugging D and watch the magic around - Yes

Happy 2012!


Anonymous said...

I was considering Ko Samui, but got drowned in work towards the end of year :(

Your NYE sounds wonderful! Happy new year!!

Aparna said...

Kya baat hai. lovely. Koh samui is nice? touristy but nice? did u go anyplace else?

Anita said...

haathitime - next time maybe! Wish you a good year too.

Aparna - Yup, the place is nice. Bit like Kerela - green and all. Also went to Bangkok. Plan to put up Bangkok details.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes pls share Bangkok details.. I plan to make it happen this year at least..

Sonal said...

what a beautiful way to welcome the new year!

Anita said...

haathitime - You have seen the Bangkok post now :)

Sonal - It really was