Review - How Opal got kissed, got wild and got a life

I picked up this book randomly at a book fair. The choice was limited but being a book lover I could not bear the thought of not buying even a single book in a discount sale. It seems now that the choice was not so bad after all.
The book is about an ABCD high school student, Opal Mehta, who is keen on getting into Harvard. Her typically Indian parents have been planning for her admission into Harvard from the day Opal was born. When unforeseen circumstances change the parameters on which Opal would be judged for her Harvard admission, the unbeatable Mehtas draw up a fresh plan of action. The book narrates incidents pertaining to this new plan and predictably ends with Opal getting into Harvard.
The book is a nice breezy read. It falls under the category of Chick-Lits and sounds like any other popular one. Which is a big success in itself since the story does not stand out like a half-baked painful crossover saga which is what one would have expected. Instead it reads like the story of a normal ABCD kid about to enter college in a country which is home though most of its citizens may not appreciate Diwali or Biriyani. Expectedly the book does have its cliches and stereotypes. Reserve it for a day when you are in the mood to watch ‘Clueless’ or ‘Legally blonde’.

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