Salman Can

Salman Khan has broken his silence in the black buck case. Defending his actions, the actor claimed that he had really been aiming at the director of the movie, Hum Saath Saath Hain, which was being shot – ha ha no pun intended – at that time. When incredulous media persons asked him if he was sure, Salman retorted ‘Dude. Have you seen the movie?’

Renowned psychologists have admitted that Salman could have possibly been suffering from a reverse Dick Cheney syndrome where you mistake animals for people and shoot them by mistake.

Salman further claimed that he could not see why killing people would pose a problem. Infact this notion was reinforced when he did actually manage to kill someone later on. The public may recollect the time he got away with running over a person in front of a bakery shop in Mumbai. “I would have been more careful if I knew the damn black buck would get in the way”, he was quoted as saying.

Police personnel when contacted admitted that Salman had a point given the mounting number of suspects who get away with killing people.


Archana said...

After I read about the verdict I started a blog post too stating that the law is an ass if it thinks that punishing Salman for shooting animals was higher priority that punishing Salman for killing a person. Then I did some research (ahem, we writers to like to get our facts right) and discovered that the killing of human took place after the killing of animal. So me thinks Salman was so frustrated by his unsuccessful attempt to kill the HSSH director that he decided further practice at killing humans was needed before further attempts. Looks like he is getting there - next time he won't be shooting black-bucks. See, our ancestors were right - practice makes purrrr-fect!

Nice post :-)!

anita said...

Ah. I realised that too but thought the discerning public would not notice. Anyway have made suitable changes now

Prabhu said...

dude have you seen the movie, reverse Cheney syndrome.. Funnily put :)

nice blog.