Boys will be boys

Here are three recent guys-dealing-with-women-in-a-romantic-setup stories I have heard/seen in recent times

Story #1

Quizzing enthusiast friend of mine meets ex for lunch. Ex tells him that she is getting married.

‘To?’ My friend asks

‘Your quizzing rival’, she replies

‘Oh, OK’, my friend replies

Later on my friend tells me he has resolved to beat the shit out of this guy in every quiz they go for from now on.

The war of the geeks clearly has its specific idiosyncrasies.

Story # 2

Two colleagues of mine, Aag and Rash are in the local train. Aag’s looker female friend turns up and Aag introduces her to Rash. Rash is clearly intrigued and wants to make a good impression

Aag: Meet Rash

Rash: Hi

Girl: Hi

Rash: So where do you stay?

Girl: Trompet

Long pause. Rash is expectantly waiting to be asked where he stays. He is mentally making up and discarding sentences. The final words are ready in his lips. His face is contorted from the effort of not preempting her.

Finally after an eternity

Girl: So where do you stay

Rash: (words tumbling out in a rush): Near Vinayaka temple, the green building in the corner, with the single window. You can see me in the balcony.

More pregnant pause as Aag and girl digest outburst of info.

Aag: (whispering) Dude. She just wanted to know where you stayed; not a route map to your house.

Rash (sheepishly): Trompet

Story # 3

Visiting my friend’s house. Her 13-year-old son Tock gets a call from his ‘special’ female friend in school. The room has my friend, her 9 year old and me. All of us quietly listen to a very embarrassed Tock

Tock: Why did you call me?

Tock: Ok, so?
…. Realizing our wide-eyed gaping is cramping his style

Tock: Oh God. Can’t I get any privacy in this house?

Later on when Tock comes back, we quiz him on why she was calling him so late in the night. He blushes pink and says because they are good friends.

Ah. The kid is learning the terminology at any rate