Singapore girl

There are many sure things in life - Moms always get to eat the leftovers, your boss always catches you surfing about your next vacation, VLCC ads show 100 kg before snaps of women who have managed to bring down their weight to 76 kgs after an excellent combination of diet and exercise. Which is why when I saw this ad for a slimming centre in Singapore's Strait Times my eyes fairly popped.

This lady was 66 kgs before her weight loss! That is the kind of weight where you would be considered slightly on the slimmer side in my part of the world.

Boy, is it tough to be a Singapore girl


///slash\\\ said...

You've got to give them credit for the itemized list for inches lost on various body parts:-))
What really got me thinking was that the model lost five inches on her arms? How big were they before? 2 & 1/2 feet:-))

Aqua said...

whoaaaa!!! Thank GOD i'm not a "singapore girl".
*noisily downs another cup of herbal slimming tea*