Movie review - Ratatouille

I enjoyed watching this movie a lot because

1. I am a sucker for animation movies.

2. It is great to watch people saying 'two tickets for the rat movie please'. The intrepid ones who tried to pronounce said 'rat - a - tool'

3. Any movie that is about food, smelling it, feeling it and eating it is worth a dekko

4. The first five minutes alone deserved special applause. The rest of the movie was predictable but I like to see good people getting their due in the end

5. It was Friday night and I was out of office by 6.15 to watch a 7 p.m. show. I have a life!!


rj said...

2 posts in the same day? nice nice...

wouldn't rate Ratatouille as high as the other Pixar movies..

lacks in story...

but it made me hungry.. very hungry :)

Anita said...

i would agree. stuck to std animation movie theme. but as i said ..(refer to post)

Aqua said...

loved the movies and *inspired* a non-cook like me to make tea the next day :)

btw i looked up the pronounciation of 'ratatouille' before going to buy the tickets. and then stood sniggering at those who pointed at display while booking tickets or said "rat-tat-tat" instead. heh heh.

Anita said...

well it made me eat my food a little more slowly the next day (in an effort to 'feel' the flavour). But I must say your idea of looking up the pronounciation was killer snooty strategy.